The Banff Centre is a unique facility located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. It provides lodging, excellent on-campus dining facilities (breakfasts and lunches are included with conference registration), conference facilities, and a great deal more, all a short walk from the downtown Banff. The location features vast opportunities for outdoor recreation (especially hiking and skiing, plus a memorable gondola ride) along with shops, restaurants, exercise facilities, and more. Lodging, registration, and the conference itself are all provided through the Banff Centre facilities. Check-in for both lodging and the conference is at the Professional Development Center and acts much like check-in to a hotel. Click here and here for more information.

How to travel to Banff

The closest major airport is Calgary International Airport, roughly 1.5 hours’ drive from Banff (possibly longer depending on winter road conditions). The two most convenient travel options are the Banff Airporter shuttle bus¬†and a rental car taken at the Calgary airport. Note Banff is in a national park, and there is a modest entry fee for driving into the park. We encourage participants to coordinate shared rental cars. Parking at the Banff Centre has proven free and plentiful at previous meetings (parking lot east of the Professional Development Center). Many participants have found rental cars useful for outdoor activities before, after, and during the meeting (a free afternoon is built into the schedule).


We expect most participants to arrive after noon and into the evening on February 9th, and we will suggest both on-site and off-site meeting locations for people who want to meet up with other participants. Talks start in the morning on February 10th.