Abstract Submission

Submission Deadlines

Abstract submission deadlines have passed. You may submit corrected abstracts, but at this point we cannot guarantee that the corrections will make it into the abstract book.

General Information

Abstract submission is now closed. The form is still available to allow for special cases including corrections to existing abstracts.

Invited speakers will be provided 30 minute time slots. Contributed talks (including by organizing committee members) will be provided 20 minute time slots. The poster session will open with a “Poster Jam,” in which each poster presenter delivers a single-slide presentation describing the work. Poster presenters can email their one-slide talk to Bryan Reed; see your acceptance notification email for the address.

Please submit your abstract in Word (.doc or .docx) format or .pdf format, using the following template:  Word, LaTeX, PDF

Note abstract submission is a separate process from registration for the conference and for housing. Please visit registration and accommodations for more information on those processes.

Checklist for Attendance. Make sure you do all of these!

  • Abstract Submission (if presenting)
  • Conference Registration
  • Arrange Accommodation
  • Plan Travel including between Airport and Banff