6th Banff Meeting on Structural Dynamics (February 9-13, 2019)

Recent years have seen dramatic success in providing atomic level views
of important transient phenomena in materials, molecular, and biomolecular systems. These
landmark studies are enabled by breakthroughs in high-time-resolution x-ray and electron diffraction, crystallography, spectroscopy, and imaging, coupled with data analysis and simulation. The progress has been stunning; in the past 10 years, multiple diverse new capabilities have come online and the vision of ‘making the molecular movie’ has transitioned from dream to emerging reality.

The Banff Meeting on Structural Dynamics was founded as a forum to bring together scientists at the leading edges of these diverse fields to envision the future of structural dynamics from seconds to attoseconds. Historically, this meeting has seen first announcements of highly anticipated results from major facilities alongside bold predictions of future capabilities. It features intense discussions among experts in electron, x-ray, laser, and computational techniques who otherwise would rarely all attend a single meeting. It is an opportunity for junior researchers to join alongside experts at the tops of their respective fields, all situated in a beautiful and inspiring venue. The first five meetings held in 2010, 2012, 20132015, and 2017 were a resounding success and will be continued to provide an opportunity to meet and discuss current problems and chart a course for further successes.

Session topics to include:
Latest Developments in ultrafast electron and x-ray sources and instrumentation
Dynamic and diffractive imaging of molecules, crystals, biological systems, and microstructure
Time-resolved x-ray and laser spectroscopy of complex molecules
High harmonic generation and attosecond science
Strongly correlated materials
Emerging and multidisciplinary approaches to time resolution