The deadline for registration and accommodation reservation was January 9, 2019. The reserved block of hotel rooms has been released and it may or may not be possible to provide housing, so we urge all participants to book as soon as possible if they have not already.

Accommodation booking and conference registration are handled directly by the Banff Centre.
You can book your room(s) when you register for the conference. Most participants are expected to stay at the Banff Centre. Offsite accommodation is also possible but will incur a $94.50 fee, also paid through the Banff Centre.

The Banff Centre offers rooms for both single and double occupancy. Single occupancy will cost $150 per night ($182.52 including taxes and fees) while double occupancy will cost $75 per person per night ($99.14 including taxes (charged per room) and fees ($15 charged per person)).

The group rate is available up to 3 days pre-event and 3 days post-event, subject to availability of rooms.

All values are in Canadian dollars.

Checklist for Attendance. Make sure you do all of these!

  • Abstract Submission
  • Conference Registration
  • Arrange Accommodation
  • Plan Travel including between Airport and Banff