The Banff Meeting on Structural Dynamics is accepting sponsorships from university, national laboratory, industrial, and other sources. We have defined three levels of sponsorship. All values are in Canadian dollars.

  • At all levels (no minimum): Your logo and level of sponsorship will be listed on the website and in the abstract book
  • Supporter ($2000 minimum): Space will be provided for flyers on the registration table. You may publish a half-page ad (black and white) in the abstract book.
  • Sponsor ($5000 minimum): As above, plus: A full-page ad (replacing the half-page ad) and a 4-foot-wide space for a static floor display should you desire it.
  • Major Sponsor ($10,000 minimum): As above, plus explicit sponsorship of a session or conference dinner (subject to availability).

Scientific contributions from researchers representing sponsoring organizations are more than welcome and will be considered for talks and/or posters along with all other submissions. Sponsorship will not be considered in the evaluation of such submissions.

Please contact Bryan Reed (bryan@ides-inc.com) with any questions.